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"My husband finally got his wife back!"

“I have been addicted to Facebook so much my marriage almost ended in divorce. Thank you for giving me my life back.”


Negative energy is my past... I am more positive and people like to be around me :)

“I've wasted years arguing with random people on the Internet. I was full of negative energy and it reflected my entire career. Now I am a completely new person. People say I even look younger ;-)"


"I sleep like a baby now, no more endless scrolling and waiting for likes"

“I still remember that time, chasing likes, waking up and going to sleep with my phone in hand. Thank you for exorcising that devil (or whatever that was) out of me."

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Accepting the truth

More than 90% of addicted people think addiction happens to "someone else", that they are just spending "an hour a day" on social networks. The same goes for alcoholics or gambling addicts. They rationalize their behaviours all the time.

We will help you to face the bare truth, as cruel as it might be. This is the first step of this journey. We will train your brain to stop finding excuses like "I need networks for my job" or "it's just a vent".

Find out your addiction level

We use scientificaly proven tests and questions to calculate your current level of addiction. Time spent on networks is not the main factor - this is a common mistake. The addiction is measured by how much social networks influence your daily thoughts.

For example, you might be visiting Facebook or Instagram for a total of few hours a day, which doesn't sound that much. But that might be a lot of five-minute sessions, and every one of them will distract your focus much longer. In our measurements we introduce the brain recovery period (BRP), which is the average time your brain needs to recover from every social media session. The BRP could easily last up to 30 minutes, which means your realistic brain involvement in social media might be 12 hours a day without you even noticing it.

The low social media diet

Is it possible to disconnect from all social networks these days? Most of us need some kind of network for regular communication or work. Most therapists will try to prevent you from accessing networks at all, which usually fails. What we do instead is altering your brain so you don't react to networks in addictive and time-wasting way. If you need something, you go and get it without distracting your focus.

It's the same as trying to prevent an alcoloholic from going to a supermarket - because there are alcoholic beverages inside. Instead, you will learn how to focus on important things only. It's been called the "low information diet".

Step by step approach

We don't beleive in infamous "I'm quitting on Monday" method. Our experience tell us that the remedy to social networks addiction is best served cold. Which means - you must do it gradually, decreasing your presence one step at a time.

We give you strict rules and guides to follow in order to achieve these goals, minimizing chanches of abstinence crisis and filed attempts. Most people report their progress as completely seamless.

Notifications - the greatest evil on Earth

One of the key ingredients to your addiction actually comes from notifications. They are the actual source of dopamin, which is the source of addicition. We will show you what dopamine do to your brain, and how to recognize the feeling of notification addiction when it starts overwhelming your body.

The key to success is to turn off every notification except the most important ones. We're gonna give you strict guidelines on how to prevent unneccessary alerts from ruining your focus.

Replacing Facebook with real people

When you ditch a habit from your life, there is always a big empty hole which craves to be filled. This is why many people sustain for a while, but eventually come back sooner or later.

We're gonna show you how to fill that gap with a real-life activity. With living people.

Chase the devil for good

Finally, we are giving you a set of rules and guides for your afterlife. These rules will prevent the disease from coming back.

Even better - after you cure yourself, you will be completely able to help people around you to do the same.


This course has 100% money back guarantee

We will give you a full refund if you don’t find this course useful.

If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just send us an email within 60 days and we will return your money without any questions at all. This means you’ve got nothing to lose and that your purchase is 100% risk-free.

Still can’t decide? Here are some more testimonials from people who escaped the matrix:

(The actual names have been changed for privacy reasons)


“My life outside social networks did not exist. The worst part is, I was not even aware of it until I read this course and realized what is happening to me. This addiction is a silent killer. You don't realize it until you're out.”


“I am out of social networks for good, and now I am encouraging all my friends to do the same. And I was like the worst imaginable junkie, checking notifications every 5 minutes or so."


"I quit Facebook on 01/01/15 and never looked back. I don't miss it at all. I still communicate with all my friends and family via other ways as well as in person. Facebook was just a bunch of useless noise. I can't believe in 3 weeks it'll be half of the year since I deleted my Facebook account. Thanks Fiona for supporting me!"


"Weather you like it or not, Facebook has been a good platform for me as an entrepreneur to continue and expand my business. But after reading this book I realized how to optimize time on Facebook and spend quality time for my business."

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